Programming Archives


This repository contains some of my first programming projects from when I was 9-10 years old, back in 2013, among other old projects I consider an important part of my history with computers. Visual Basic 6.0 was the first programming language I learned, I used to have a lot of fun trying (unsuccessfully) to imitate Microsoft, doing my toy “operating systems” and software: I had a dream since then.

Shape Basic (2013)

Shape Basic was my first toy operating system, intended to replace Windows someday. Here's a video of 10 year old me excitedly showing the 1.0 and 1.0 SE (Service Edition) versions I had just made, after a lot of hard work. I recorded and uploaded that video in my 10th birthday.

Then, few days later, it was time for a new release! The new and improved Shape Basic 2.0! So, again, I uploaded a video showcasing the new and awaited release. A month later, apart from getting the new Windows 8 and being extremely excited, Shape Basic 3.1 “A true connection” was out, this time with a new and refreshed design, inspired on Windows 8. 3.1 now had a built-in browser (called Internet Explorer 7) and para adivinadores was included as well! The showcase was made on video.