The Least Logical Book

                         THE LEAST LOGICAL BOOK

                       Iván Alejandro Ávalos Díaz


Table of Contents

Chapter I. The process of existence and universe
Chapter II. The story of Mx. Laic and everything
Chapter III. Questions, answers, intuition and chaos
Chapter IV. There's no best, only better: relativity and limits
Chapter IV. Awake in dreams or dreaming awake? Dreams, reality, loops and integrity
About the author

               /This book is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.
                        Finished on July 2020./

                      /Iván Alejandro Ávalos Díaz

 /Dedicated to my family, friends, acquaintances and a lot of people I
                          really appreciate./


  I wrote /The Most Illogical Book/ in 2017, as an experiment to write
  something completely illogical, non-sense and stupid: it ended up
  being more logical than I thought. This Time, I'm writing this in
  2020, trying to explore new ways of defying the laws of logic and
  creating new philosophical paradigms that challenge our logical
  brains. Using illogical concepts, connected in logical ways, written
  in a poetic and aesthetically pleasing way. This book is more deep,
  complex and philosophical than the previous one, questioning the
  universe, ourselves and reality: there's an whole universe embedded in
  this book.

  Just like the previous book, this one wasn't written under the effect
  of psychedelic drugs or alcohol either; but many chapters were written
  under the effect of tiredness and exhaustion.

  Fun fact: the last chapter was inspired on the dreams I've been having
  since yesterday (July 5th). I actually dreamed those things! A while
  before dreaming those things, and even before starting to write the
  chapter, it was called “Dreams”; I'm noticing that right now.

Chapter I. The process of existence and universe

  In the beginning of the end, there was a noisy silence coming out of
  the sun, which wasn't meant to be enjoyed, because there was no such
  sun, and neither such beginning: it was the birth of a universe, it
  was the end of the beginning. Everyone was pissed off by this
  unfortunate event, because it wasn't their universe the one being
  created, it was theirs being destroyed by a slight amount of truth,
  dangerous enough to put everyone to sleep for a while, until their
  void and meaningless existence took over the realm of sense and
  destruction, turning the whole universe back into a grain of rice,
  until everything eventually reached repetition.

  Was the universe worth creating? The answer lies within the question
  itself: the universe was worth creating. Why? Because there's no
  reason to think the opposite, we're not worthless enough to think
  about things being worthless, our brains are nothing but part of the
  value we're thinking about all the Time. The universe is big enough
  for us to keep wondering when did it all begin; but the answer is
  right ahead of us, it is just not material, so our material brains can
  move on and keep going through that thing we call reality.

  We often look back to understand what's coming, only to find out how
  unreal everything is, and how delicious the unreal food is. We cook
  our food, we eat our food, we get rid of what we don't need or want
  anymore, and we keep eating in spite of the tragedy we're being part
  of everyday. The universe wasn't meant to be food, the universe was
  meant to be the kitchen for something else. Asking what that “else”
  is, is like asking for the secret recipe at one of the most famous
  restaurants in our reality. But that “else” is right in front of us
  anyway, why can't we just open our eyes? Probably because that
  wouldn't make any difference if our minds are closed: our minds would
  refuse to process such information, why even bother? There's only a
  proton of difference between open and closed, and also an actual
  proton in the middle, that we can only destroy if we destroy our
  universe first, which would erase the open and closed as well, leaving
  us with no options, and leaving us without us.

  There's nothing to see when we're surrounded by everything we could
  possibly imagine, because we live surrounded by nothing to see. Our
  fragile imaginations have a limit, dictated by the size of the kitchen
  our “else” is being cooked in, controlled by the proton in the middle
  of our binary mindset, and moved forward by the amount of food we're
  putting into our pseudo-cosmic system. There's a whole process being
  processed behind the scenes, we're nothing but part of it, we're
  nowhere but inside of it, we're not doing anything but trying to
  escape our worthless destiny. We were made to escape, and somehow we
  achieved making it past our destiny; but our universe is not, and
  we're still part of it. Should we move into another one? The “else” is
  something we're baking, something we've been always baking inside the
  oven… we have control over the process!

  There's no process without us, yet it seems there can be us without
  the process. There was no process before everything stopped starting,
  but that's because we're the process, processing ourselves. We're the
  oven, we're the kitchen, and we're not just baking an “else”… we are
  baking ourselves into that “else”. And the proton is not in the
  middle, the proton is the binary mindset, so we can't destroy our
  mindset, for nothing's possible out of it. The universe is
  indefinitely looping, we're the “else” of a previous process. There's
  nothing before this process, because we're the looping process… we're
  more than a process, we're the universe, and Time's nothing but an
  insight of ourselves progressing through space, one yard at a
  space. Our plane has always been reversed: we've been lying on the
  walls, it's space to touch the roof, while staring at the floor.

  Couldn't be more specific, immutable and senseless: the universe is a
  bunch of everything made out of nothing after all, there are no
  building blocks, but rather, blocks being built. We're not alone, you
  just cannot build something out of a single block: you need many
  blocks. The single blocks are nothing, so they're essentially already
  built, and there's no need for a kitchen to bake a single nothing:
  that's the reason we're even a thing and not a nothing. Are we
  nothing? Is it possible to be nothing and something simultaneously,
  though? We are ready to find out, we are ready to explain ourselves,
  but we are not ready to handle the answers afterwards, a hole in our
  minds would erase them anyway. The proton can be destroyed only if the
  answers are destroyed… we wouldn't need questions anymore if that were
  to happen, would we? Existence would then be worthless, priceless,
  senseless and meaningless.

Chapter II. The story of Mx. Laic and everything

  There's always a lot behind the name of an interesting person, that we
  often find ourselves into a loop of curiosity to discover what's
  behind it. Mx. Laic is not a person, Mx. Laic is the person. Free of
  guilt after doing the worst, and free of misery after being the worst;
  not everyone manages to get past that line of freedom; in fact, nobody
  manages to do so, except Mx. Laic. You may ask what the definition of
  “worst” is for them, and get even more intrigued after getting the
  answer; because the answer exists, but it is void. Mx. Laic's
  definition is beyond the edges of human comprehension, and even beyond
  theirs. There's nothing more to know about them, other than whatever
  you already know before looking at their face, because the person
  we're talking about is not physically alive. There's nothing to see,
  there's no one to think about, there's no one to talk about, because
  we're physical and they's beyond physics, we're inside a bubble,
  they's outside the bubble: a bubble made out of what's between reality
  and falseness, the convergence of true and evil.

  Human being, not being human, banished from the present and put in
  charge of the future; we're never beyond Mx. Laic, they'll push
  everything away from future, so we can get pulled back into the
  present, never turning into past because there's no past. Evil has no
  meaning where Mx. Laic is not at, yet somehow it is part of the
  present; we're missing something. Future is the question, present is
  the answer, past is nothing. There's a nothing we need as part of the
  question, so we can turn it into a void yet useful answer; Mx. Laic is
  the exact opposite of nothing: they leaves no room for a nothing,
  thereby. There's no nothing we can turn into everything, leaving us at
  the centre of the equation.

  Yesterday, a person talked to Mx. Laic, asking to leave some room for
  nothing: that person was Mx. Laic themself, looking for a way to stop
  being meaningless, looking for a way to render the equation
  unsolvable. The mystery remains, our equation is unsolved, we're still
  at the centre looking forward to the past we never had, while Mx. Laic
  stands right there, with that evil smile we cannot see, but we can
  feel; there's a meaning for “worst” after all, we found it, it turned
  out not to be void.

  The origin of Mx. Laic is not a mystery, they was a nice person, with
  a good smile we could see from miles, and even through the thickest
  fog. Their goals and ambitions were clear for everyone: not being a
  nothing was one of them. They tried so hard to pull the void away from
  the universe, until they achieved it, but we didn't like how then
  everything we loved turned out to become. That void was nothing we
  would have wished to get rid of if we had known the consequences of
  trashing our meaning. The universe was dark, now it's bright, and
  everything that used to be bright is now dark, including our existence
  and hope. That bright smile turned into a dark and evil smile,
  Mx. Laic was all the opposite now, their goals were all the opposite
  now as well. There's no way back to normal, Mx. Laic's efforts are
  gone, we ran out of possibilities.

  There's an evil beyond their being, impossible to destroy; we're part
  of darkness, we have no power over brightness, we'll be always ruled
  by it. Our equation went upside down, we're still at the center, but
  upside down. Variables are swapped, the equal is not equal anymore, it
  looks symmetrical but makes no difference. Miles away are nothing, the
  thickest fog is gone forever. Mx. Laic is not evil, Mx. Laic is inside
  an unbreakable bubble of evil, dressing with uncertainty, wearing our
  destruction, having a snack in the kitchen of looped creation, baking
  us again.

  Daily routines have become the standard, even for Mx. Laic, who's
  daily laughing at us at 3:00pm, crying at 4:30pm and keeping the
  future from us at 6:00pm. There's no way out of that prison of Time,
  because Time's away from brightness and darkness, ruling above
  Mx. Laic. Time being ruled by direction means nothing can be done,
  there's only a direction we're riding towards, with multiple roads
  that take us to the same place: the beginning. Our bikes are going
  blazing fast; but speed doesn't matter, Time's is not aware of it
  anyway. The loop won't break if we don't break it, but we can't seem
  to find a way.

  Time's not killing us, Mx. Laic is not being killed by Time either;
  we're all being killed by space, which in turn is being killed by
  Time, which in turn is being killed by direction. We can't blame Time,
  but we can blame the non-void Mx. Laic brought to the universe, and we
  can call Mx. Laic the origin of our self-destructing story. We will
  never bring them back to present, but we will learn from their failure
  at some point, eventually.

  Mx. Laic is not a god, Mx. Laic is a person, so we cannot beg for
  change, we need to be the ones being begged at as a whole: that's the
  only way to make it happen, but there's nothing we can get out of that
  change, other than less hope.

Chapter III. Questions, answers, intuition and chaos

  Questions are meant to destroy a lack of intuition, with intuition. A
  loop of intuition will always bring back to the beginning, an infinite
  number of Times until we realise we can't stop it. Intuition can't be
  created or destroyed, just like everything else. It also happens to be
  everywhere we go, but it is not coincidence, because coincidence does
  not exist.

  Intuition is disguised as knowledge, because there's no knowledge if
  we think about it, it is just an illusion, nothing but a mirror of our
  lack of intuition. Questions are always meant to be part of that
  unsolvable equation of intuition, we're never done even if we think we
  are. Don't ever ask, there's no reason to even care about intuition in
  the first place, other than existing. Don't ever ask and you'll stop
  existing, but stop existing and no questions will be made, because
  everything would be an answer at that point of our hypothesis, leaving
  no room for intuition.

  Intuition is the fuel, the currency and the motor of our dynamic
  universe, there's no universe without something flowing, because our
  universe is that flow, not what's being flowed. The moment intuition
  stops, will be the moment Time will stop, because direction is nothing
  but a fancy name for intuition. Intuition is not a boss, it is a
  leader, because it doesn't just move us: it leads us towards
  something. The universe is a verb, not a noun, because it's just a
  fancy name for the action and effect of questions being turned into
  answers, as a result of direction, as a result of intuition.

  Don't think twice, just ask. The universe is not a static set of
  questions and answers, it is a dynamically linked list of questions,
  always turning into a dynamically linked list of answers. Intuition is
  the only static part of our everything, there's a limited amount of it
  and we're the reason it keeps flowing. Everything that makes sense, it
  does because we give it sense. Sense is the reason we keep flowing the
  flow. The things we create, wouldn't mean anything if we couldn't
  destroy them afterwards. Intuition is not something we create, so it
  makes sense despite being indestructible.

  Don't think twice, just answer. There's no need for questions if there
  cannot be answers. The lack of void is the result of not asking, or
  not answering. Intuition flowing happens to be that void everything
  else is built upon: our building blocks are made of void, but dynamic
  void. That's what makes static void and dynamic void different and
  unique: one is nothing that creates nothing, while the other is
  nothing that creates something; but guess what? Static void serves as
  the basis for dynamic void, we need them both, and we have them both,
  they will never go away as long as we don't.

  Put an infinite Timer, never take creation out of that oven, just
  forget about it. There's no need for us to turn into an “else”. Guess
  what? It is not about need, the chef in charge of the oven would be
  taken for crazy if they even dared to listen our plea and do something
  about it. Guess what? We're our own chefs baking our own “else”, not
  being able to hear ourselves, because sound's ability to transport
  relies on something we don't have everywhere. What about microwaves?
  They're just an echo of what's gone already, vanished completely into
  the non-existent past.

  There's no Timer willing to take over the invisible reality of gone
  signals, there's no point in reflecting them back to nowhere, nor hope
  to get it right. Let's keep everything flowing, and find a way to
  restore the perfect balance we had achieved through broken microwave
  echos, pushing the flow of intuition. Listen to the void, and you'll
  see how loud can silence become when there's nothing to stop the
  vibrations produced by our minds. Wherever intuition might be flowing
  towards, it makes no difference at all.

  Questions are meant to be broken, answers are meant to be breakable
  and intuition is meant to be the agent of silent chaos. Once chaos
  disappears, we have more chaos and less chances of disturbing the
  natural process of answers being broken into broken questions. The
  reason why our questions appear to be ruled by silence, is because
  chaos is still a mystery: it comes and goes without us noticing, no
  physical changes, but we can feel it for some reason, getting into our
  minds and taking over our reasoning about chaos itself.

  The kitchen is rusty, and a rust remover would be great: that's when
  we start messing with chaos in a way we end up losing, and realising
  our rusty kitchen is not rusty anymore, but there's no sensation of
  cleanliness we can tell from the reflection of ourselves into it. We
  accidentally found out how chaos is everywhere, and can't be destroyed
  nor created either; but unlike intuition, it is everywhere at the same

Chapter IV. There's no best, only better: relativity and limits

  What's our point of reference? We already know everything is relative
  to everything, and even nothing is relative to nothing. Limits are not
  relative because they don't exist, and if we can't see the big
  picture, our lack of vision will always be relatively similar to
  misery and lack of meaning. “Best” is an illusion we create to
  convince ourselves we know everything, when in “reality”, we're
  nowhere near being aware of everything. Infinity is an illusion, we
  were born to dive into the mystery of a boundless space, breaking our
  imaginary bounds and self-imposed limits was the reason we have a
  choice, in fact, multiple choices, infinite choices.

  “Best” and “worst” are the words to blame our misery, hatred and
  ignorance onto. The “better” and “worse” words were build upon our
  relative nature: our future depends on them. Fake is our perception of
  relativity, so are we. We're relatively fake to the universe, while
  our perception makes us think we're relatively everything to the
  universe; both are true and false: relatively speaking. Delusions
  everywhere, we can't escape from ourselves and our “worse” ignorance.

  Time's getting better, yet it will never be the best. Space is trying
  to win the race; but its speed halves on every step, so it seems to be
  the worst competitor, yet it is only worse than the rest. Time's
  trying to make it past space, space is trying to make it past Time;
  intuition is the judge. No matter who makes it first to the goal, it's
  up to intuition to decide who's the best or worst; but intuition is
  aware there're no such things, so the final verdict is void. The race
  wasn't meaningless in spite of that, because neither Time nor space
  care about the verdict, both have their own verdicts, and that's what
  got them into a race to begin with. No decision was made, no prize was
  given, no #1 will be ever announced, because there's no need to:
  there's no audience that cares, because there's no audience, other
  than Time, space and Mx. Laic—who had a chance to assist as well—. We
  were not invited, because apparently, we are the competitors. At this
  point, we can notice a plot twist in our kitchen: breathe, we're not
  getting anywhere we wouldn't like to get to, and cry, because there's
  nothing to be excited about either. Make it past the line of patience,
  forget about limits, it won't take forever, except it will.

  Did you seriously think “nothing” and “everything” exist? “Best” and
  “worst” are nothing but fancy words for nothing and everything,
  respectively. Both being mentioned every half minute, makes them seem
  as real things, when in fact, they're real, but not in our
  way. There's a mysterious paradox behind the existence of two synonyms
  to non-existent things, that represent two identical things that do
  indeed exist. How cannot there be “best”, yet “everything” is clearly
  around in our universe? How cannot there be “worst”, yet “nothing” is
  clearly around everything in our universe?

  Look around, there's something we don't know about our surroundings,
  something we haven't been told yet. There's no people willing to break
  the answer, because intuition is the only thing bound to limits:
  nothing else is. So, does the breakable answer lie in intuition after
  all? Can stuff made of intuition break intuition other than intuition
  itself? There's no way intuition would break itself, a fundamental
  fuel wouldn't burn itself by itself. The more we think about breaking,
  the more broken our hope becomes, and so do the chances of keep
  trying: halving on every try, never reaching zero but never getting us
  closer either.

Chapter IV. Awake in dreams or dreaming awake? Dreams, reality, loops and integrity

  Trying to leave the bed, you find you have no energy, so you fall into
  the floor, and then, after trying to reach the door, you're suddenly
  in your bed again, but you can't move. After some minutes, you find
  yourself in the floor again, and suddenly, you're in your bed, and
  there's a spider hanging from a web, right above you: it bites you
  twice, you're trying to get rid of it, then it disappears, and you
  feel a tickle in your brain, electricity. You're trapped into a loop,
  that goes through different variations of you trying to leave your
  bed, but being unable to due to different reasons, until you finally
  wake up. The next day, the loop repeats, but this Time you're going to
  the bathroom and returning to your bed. There's no way to tell which
  iteration is the real one, everything feels weird when you actually
  wake up. If you fall asleep again, after you woke up from the loop,
  you get into the loop again. Is that loop trying to tell you

  You see, dreams are complex, but so is reality: you can never tell
  which is which, except you can. Dreams and reality are actually the
  same, aren't dreams part of reality? So, dreaming or not, you're
  experiencing a reality inside your reality, which can contain part of
  your reality or you can make your reality part of that reality. In
  fact, all realities that exist, have ever existed, or will ever exist;
  are nothing but parts of the same reality, always. There's only one
  reality, looping all the Time through random variations and changes.

  Your loop runs inside everyone's loop, and that's where everything is
  connected. You can't block the loop, or block everyone else's loop;
  but you can remove all the variables involved, so there's nothing to
  change on each iteration, and you will get the same result. Then, how
  do you “block” everyone else's loop? Since all variables in our
  reality are interconnected, you have to remove all existing variables,
  you have to destroy intuition, so nothing can be changed, because
  nothing would then exist.

  Your loopdream is trying to tell you something, it is trying to tell
  you that there's something wrong in your loop. You're looping into a
  loop, and that loop is looping into the universal loop, which reveals
  a flaw in reality that we always ignore, but brings all sorts of
  problems, that we can't perceive, because we can't perceive anything
  inside our loop, we can only perceive whatever is looping in our loop,
  and where is looping towards.

  Don't ever mess with reality! Don't ever mess with your loop! You will
  end up crashing against others' loop, resulting in confusion, loss of
  identity and loss of reality. If we're human beings, our loop is
  strong, but it has several flaws, that once exploited, break our loop,
  and you're nothing out of your loop, nor you'll ever be something
  again; unless intuition puts you back into another one, but you would
  have lost more than half of your consciousness, parts of your being
  floating all around the empty universal loop, until they get into
  their own loops, and become the missing parts of you: don't ever
  expect to encounter with your missing parts, they're gone to you, and
  you're gone to them. What's left to lose from your remaining
  integrity, then? Is it worth being a whole?  Is it worth being? What
  about you give up and divide?

  Integrity is the art of being a whole, breaking the art is breaking
  the whole. Exploited beings trying to loop together, will never break
  their state, but rather create more states, trying to break or being
  broken. Break or being broken? They don't make any difference, since
  breaking has no direction, because breaking, in fact, means altering
  integrity: turning integrity into a lack of it, where the lack of
  integrity is in fact the basis for integrity itself, the foundations
  of the whole. Loop towards nothing, and expect to find it everything,
  but don't expect that everything to break your loop, nor expect you to
  break that everything; because you're looping towards the basis,
  you're looping towards the core of everything.

  Mx. Laic finds themself looping towards nothing, in fact, they's the
  only person actually looping towards nothing, and therefore, the only
  person with a perfect integrity. Why's nobody looping towards nothing,
  then? Because wherever we all loop towards, turns into everything, and
  wherever Mx. Laic loops toward, turns into nothing, including
  themself. Loop towards Mx. Laic, and you'll be pushed away and
  break. Neither of us wants to try it again, it is not the best
  experience; but don't worry, your dreams will warn you whenever you
  get closer to Mx. Laic's loop, so you have a choice indeed, and you
  should always take it, or your half you and your missing parts will

About the author


  My name is Iván Alejandro Ávalos Díaz, I'm 16 years old and I'm still
  studying Computer Systems Engineering at TecNM en Celaya. I'm an
  amateur software developer, designer and artist. Everything I do, I
  still try to make it stand from the rest, and this book is no
  exception (it is actually the best example). I'm also the author of
  The Most Illogical Book (2017).