I wrote this book in 2023 as an attempt to create something weird, non-sense, and cool. I conceived everything as I wrote it, so when I wrote the first words, I had no idea of what would come out of my fingers. I started with some random generated words, and then everything just… came out. I don't know how. I wrote it in like three weeks, during which I hyperfocused so bad that I couldn't do anything else.

I'm not a writer, and in fact, this was only my third attempt to write something, the first two attempts being The Most Illogical Book in 2017, and The Least Logical Book in 2020. This is hardly a book, because of its short length, and it's not perfect, but I hope that some will maybe find it interesting. If you like it, then maybe I could write a sequel. I do have some ideas in mind.

The cover was inspired by a rough drawing that my brother did when I asked him to create a cover for this thing. In the drawing, I initially thought the dots were dots, but they were actually stars! I liked the dots concept, so I went for that on Inkscape. My brother took part in the design, so he deserves credit. I'm happy with how it turned out.



This book was written by me, Iván Alejandro Ávalos Díaz, and I've decided to release it under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license, so that everyone can freely copy it, distribute it, and adapt it, as long as they give me credit and release their adaptations under the same license.

The cover is also under the same license, with additional copyright to my brother, Luis Ángel Ávalos Díaz.